Get one for you here 😉​. Complimentary ten-year warranty


​​✓ FULL SEAT COVER - Large size 20 x 20 x 0.1 inches - The widest upholster/ car seat protector to catch the food and droppings from the car seat.
✓ SLEEK DESIGN - Full Coverage Base yet Slim - Just what you need to protect your car seats with children. Padded foam provides ample cushioning without affecting optimal height of infant’s manufacturing seat. No bulky, redundant part that causes slippering.
✓ ADVANCED GRIPPING BACK - High Friction fabric with soft Rubber Dotted Array prevents booster seat from sliding/ slipping while protecting your leather car seat from dents. Holds up strongly to wear and abrasion while also offering grip and non-skid in both wet and dry conditions.
✓ LATCH COMPATIBLE - Slits cut out accessible to the duty belt/ safety anchor for car seats requiring anchors. Big back flap stabilizes and keeps the seat protector in place. Fits nicely and snugly under the car seat.
✓ SUPERIOR MATERIALS - 90% Ballistic Polyester, 10% Leather. Heat resistant, unwearable and abrasion resistance materials further protect your car seat. Waterproof and easy to clean.

Car Seat Protector - Premium Seat Saver for Baby Carseat/Booster - Extra LargeNew