For a person whose life is in a suitcase, what is better than freely discovering the adventures that life brings in without any frustration about the long rides? What is more enjoyable than keeping your habits, feeling at ease as home while travelling? As frequent travelers ourselves before creating Hominize, we used to struggle on packing simple yet smart enough to ensure a plenty and real comfort for both family and ourselves. Forgetting all about the unfamiliarity of the new place. We believe that household products today should be more functional, more versatile, and travel-friendly and the travel products should extend beyond just a limited special section at shelf. With the passion for transforming the lives of busy people who are always on the go, in early 2015, two professionals come together to create Hominize, making personal essentials well suited for both home and travel usages

By moving, you should not refrain from your daily routines.

By moving, you should not care less for yourselves and loved ones.

With the cooperation of designers and experts in the field, Hominize team aims to create well-designed products that meet the demands of busy people in today's modern world. Every product we make is our idea for making our life simpler yet easier. Our core values are bringing our customers' comfort and convenience anywhere you are and that is the ultimate responsibility of our business.

Your journey starts here with Hominize