Product launch sales - Oct 2015

Dear friends, I am so thrilled! Our promotion is now on! Do not miss this chance to try out our Premium Multifunctional Organizer at 70% OFF regular price! 


Great products go on an extra mile - Oct 2015

It's been a week since the launch of our first product - the designed multifunctional backseat organizer for cars. We have started receiving several feedbacks from our early reviewers and customers, many of which show great excitement...Read more

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A dream comes true - April 2015

Hello everyone! Let’s treat this as an official greetings from me to all who visited our website. Thanks for taking the time to visit our page to share with us the passion for making a better world, by slowing down and enjoying little things that you may forget in this busy world. It is with great excitement and honour for me to announce that our brand new business is coming into live. To others, it might be only a new company, but to me, it is a very personal thing - all about fulfilling my true needs, and I believe it is yours too. Read more...