The Hominize organizer is the ultimate solution to several problems on the road: storage, carrying, children and entertainment all at the same time. Simpler yet holds and organizes way more stuffs for enduring journeys than normal organizers, it brings the sanity and shine back to your car. Made of Luxury Ballistic Polyester/Faux Leather in trendy Black/Grey trimming, it fits nicely to the front seat back like skin while comes in handy in any occasion. From now on, you will have no more headache packing for family trips or facing hassles looking for stuffs in such emergencies. And have YOUR LITTLE ONES BRING ALONG THEIR FAVORITES TO ALL VACATIONS! 


Ballistic Polyester. BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free.

Other Information

To install to car seat, wrap the top strap around the vehicle headrest and buckle up. Then wrap the bottom strap around vehicle seat, tuck into the seat gap and buckle up. Adjust the length of two straps for a good fit. For chairs and cribs, hook the organizer over a chair back or crib bar as an over chair or crib organizer. 

Care instructions: Clean with warm, soapy water and let dry or dry clean with a cloth. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

--> No more HEADACHE packing for family trips!!!
--> No more HASSLE looking for stuffs in urgent situations!

--> No more WORRIES of stuffs falling off
--> No more MESSY CAR and keep your kids from BOREDOM during long journey


  • The Sturdiest Solution - Home to over 50 items with pockets for a bunch of large books/magazines 
  • Road Trips-Schooling-Travel Easy - Full-sized touch-screen tablet holder with earphone slits 
  • The Revolutionary Design - Fits all oversized seats (24"x16") - Extendable top, bottom straps 
  • The Quality You Count On - Padded back, the highest quality materials 
  • Simplify your Busy Lifestyle - Additional hooks for moving/hanging onto different places 

Product Information