Hello everyone!

Let’s treat this as an official greetings from me to all who visited our website. Thanks for taking the time to visit our page and share with us the passion for making life better, by slowing down and enjoying things that you may forget in this busy world. It is with great excitement and honour for me to announce our brand new business is coming into live. To others, it might be only a new company, but to me, it is something very special - it is all about fulfilling my true needs, and I believe it is yours too. As a full time working professional and being in an industry that requires extensive travel, I have homes everywhere. They are my parents’ home during weekends, my out-of-city little family nest and my favored guest hotels from 3-week straight business trip. In fact, that lifestyle have ingrained in me from college ages. There were times when I moved houses every year and it does not change till now. I soon realized that this is an inevitable trend in today’s world, and we have to adapt to it, by ways that make us feel most familiar and comfortable as at home wherever we go.

Today, our home is pretty much like in a suitcase. But not because of that that we should bear the inconvenience and uncomfortable temporariness at a place where we call home, because we might end up being at that state for longer than expected. That happened to me several times. Having that thinking, wherever I am, either long or short term, I always make the surroundings as convenient and comfortable as a true home to myself and loved ones. Sometimes, it is just as simple as well-organizing your stuffs, having your dear soft teddy friend along, or wearing your favorite scent that make you feel who you truly are.

People say “Nothing feels like home”. So WHY NOT create a home away from home, wherever you are? Life is difficult enough. Let’s make it as easy as it should be, starting at your “home”.

Just because of that, we are passionate to leverage our capabilities to create more products that are simple, functional and yet versatile so that we can transform our places and feel the ease just as at our own living space. That is the responsibility of our business. And I believe you should to, whoever and wherever you are.

I hope that you find peace for your self and your beloved ones, anytime and anywhere!

Jenny Vu
Founder & CEO, Hominize

*Write to us if you have any thoughts, or visit our facebook page for a sharing on your personal experiences in today’s life. We would love to hear from you!