It's been a week since the launch of our first product - the designed multifunctional backseat organizer for cars. We have started receiving several feedbacks from our early reviewers and customers, many of which show great excitement on how their long-time organization problem is solved within a few simple steps. I am so happy that the tremendous effort from our R&D team has finally paid off - the work they do really bring out great design in a great product that solve several people's issues! To our surprise, a single man also found benefits from this little product when providing places galore for his bulky outdoor tool kits that no conventional consoles or boxes available in a car do. And we have heard that the organizer is also used on a customer's travel trailer! Here are some comments that fire up:

"My daughter has been asking for something like this for a long time. This has a wonderful array of pockets. I love the see through pocket...There are a couple zippered pockets, which is perfect since she likes to carry her wallet with her and I always tell her to make sure it's stowed out of sight"

- Aundreay

"It's also very convenient to fit many of the items that are just to large or bulky to want to keep in my center console or glove box. I also prefer keeping some stuff in this unit because I can easily reach it when I reach a red light or get stuck in grid lock traffic."

- James

They are such encouraging to us to continue creating quality functional products that simplify the life of frustrated people out there. In the mean time, we are also collecting constructive comments that help improve our product, for that to better serve the needs of our people. Thank you very much for all your kind words and I am looking forward to hearing from you again!

Jenny Vu
Founder & CEO, Hominize

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